Salesforce "Where is this used" functionality for standard and custom fields


In this example we explore Salesforce metadata, but you can try it out with any other business application as well

Salesforce's native 'Where is this used' feature lets you see where a Custom Field is being used. However, you are out of luck if you want to know where a Standard Field is being used.
To Salto, a Standard Field is no different from a Custom Field - It’s just another configuration element.

In this example, we'll find all the references in our configuration data, to the Opportunity field StageName (a Standard Field) - we will see all the places where this field is being used.

Watch our video guide:

Or read the step-by-step instructions:

First, make sure you are familiar with the Opportunity object in Salesforce, and with its Stage Standard Field:


Step #1

Let's login to (we recommend leaving this tab open so you will be able to come back upon the completion of each step).
In the search box, type StageName (its Field Name):


Step #2

In the tree, click on StageName - you can now view its details to the right of the tree:


Step #3

Click on View References:



In the popup below, you can now see that 4 Opportunity Page Layouts are using the Opportunity field StageName, across all your configuration data:

  1. Opportunity-Opportunity Layout
  2. Opportunity-Opportunity (Marketing) Layout
  3. Opportunity-Opportunity (Sales) Layout
  4. Opportunity-Opportunity (Support) Layout