The field is locked and cannot be deployed

This pre-deploy error appears when trying to deploy a change to a built-in Jira custom field.

What triggers this error?

This error is triggered when trying to deploy a Jira Custom Field which is locked and does not exist in the target environment.

Locked fields are are fields needed by some Atlassian product or Jira plugin, and are created and locked by them. Salto can not create these in the target environment.


You can read more about Jira locked fields in Atlassian's documentation.

How can I solve this?

To avoid this error, go back and remove the locked fields from your deployment.

If these locked fields are required by another element, you should find which application or product created them in your source Jira environment, and install it in the target environment. Once done, don't forget to fetch your target environment to see these changes in Salto.