Supported Business Applications

Salto currently supports the following business applications:

More applications are added on an ongoing basis.

Configuration Files

Salto interacts with your business applications via dedicated adapters. With your permission, an adapter is able to authenticate to your business application, fetch its configuration data to Salto and deploy your changes from Salto to your business application. Salto's adapters are open source and you can find their guides on GitHub here.

A Salto configuration file, aka 'config file', is written in NaCl and determines what configuration elements Salto should manage for you. Whenever you add a new business application to Salto, its config file is set to its default values. You may need to adjust these values per your actual configuration, e.g., Salesforce CPQ customers may want to change their config file so that they can manage their CPQ work via Salto.

The adapter config files can be found in your environments and workspaces under the Files tab -> salto.config -> adapters directory. In Environments, you can go to the Settings tab -> Edit on the relevant business application -> Edit near the configuration area to edit the config file.

For any specific config questions, please refer to the relevant section in the business application pages above.

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