Signing up

:mailbox-with-mail: Joining Salto starts with an email

  • If you're creating your team's Salto org for the first time, expect a Salto invitation email sent by someone on our team. Need an invite? Contact our support team at [email protected]
  • If you're joining a Salto organization someone on your team created, ask them for an invite, and expect an automatic email from Salto with a link to join

:white-check-mark: By now you should be on Salto's login page having clicked the link in the invitation email.

:key: Create your personal account

  • Salto supports login with Google, Microsoft, or a custom email and password combination
  • Salto recommends single sign-on (SSO) over email and password
    • SSO providers like Google support two-factor authentication, while Salto doesn't yet
    • SSO does not require email verification, making sign up faster and easier
  • If you choose email and password, after submitting your information, look for another email from Salto with the subject Confirm my account and click the link inside to complete your account creation flow


You've created your personal Salto account!

If you're joining an existing org, you should skip the next section about organizations. If you're the person creating your team's organization, simply continue.

What’s Next
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