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Setting up a Multi-env workspace

In this set up part of the guide we will create two environments, create a workspace, link both envs to the workspace, and fetch both of them for the first time.

Creating envs

  • Please follow the instructions on here twice, with two different sandbox or developer accounts
  • Name one Dev and the other Staging

Creating a workspace and linking envs

  • Follow the instructions here to create the workspace
  • Then follow these instructions, making sure to link both envs to your workspace

Fetching both envs

Before we can proceed to fetching a small change, we must first fetch each env for the first time, to create our baseline.

  • At the top-right area of your screen, at the top of the operations panel, you'll find the envs dropdown - make sure it's set to Dev
  • Run fetch (see here for more detailed instructions)
  • Once the Dev fetch is complete, set the env dropdown to Staging
  • Run fetch again
  • If you're using Git in this workspace, see the instructions above on how to now push to Git

Next up - Fetching a change from Dev.

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Setting up a Multi-env workspace

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