Configuration Tracker

Developers, project managers, engineers, and architects continually review and analyze data from application monitoring tools to ensure software is running in its best shape. This requires setting up the right alerts to be notified on critical changes.

With Salto's Tracker you can secure early awareness to changes done across business applications and environments. Just set your desired activity, configuration elements, schedule and notification channels and receive notifications for any changes. The tracker allows you to quickly identify, troubleshoot and fix an unplanned change thanks to having the exact details of the change attached to the alert.


Setting up the Slack Integration

Salto supports sending notifications to Slack public channels and email. To use Slack, please follow these steps :

  1. Click on Settings on the bottom left
  2. Go to the Trackers tab
  3. Click on Connect and allow Salto's permissions requests

If you are not allowed to grant Salto's permission requests, please reach out to your relevant IT team to do so.

Creating a New Tracker

  1. Click on Settings on the bottom left
  2. Go to the Trackers tab
Tracker TabTracker Tab

Tracker Tab

  1. Click on Create tracker
  2. Choose the environment in which you would like to track changes , the service and it's schedule
  3. After hitting the Create button, the tracker will be initialised.
  4. Once done, click on "Add a notification"
Tracker ready for notificationaTracker ready for notificationa

Tracker ready for notificationa

  1. Choose the notification's Title (i.e. "permission changes")
  2. Select the Criteria for sending notifications (i.e Workflows, ApexClasses etc)
  3. Click on "Any change" to modify the types of changes to be alerted about (Deletions, modifications etc)
  4. Select between the supported Output Channels

Tracker Notifications

On the next scheduled tracker run, a notification will be received to the chosen channel along with an attached PDF with the exact details.

For example, in the below screenshot is the summary of the change from 9000 to 10000 in the Amount used in the Health field :


See who's making changes

Notifications regarding Salesforce changes include the username who committed each change for custom objects, custom fields and instances.


  1. You can add multiple notifications per tracker
  2. You can add multiple criteria per tracker , with an or statement
  3. The "Criteria Builder" will guide you through the process of defining the elements you would like to monitor, it accepts wildcards and also indicates the number of matches per expression.
    For example, the notification below will alert on each change in formula fields no matter which object it is defined in :
Formula field exampleFormula field example

Formula field example

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