Salto's Subprocessors

What is a subprocessor?

In order to provide its services, Salto may engage third parties to carry out data-processing activities that involve access to customer data. These organizations, called “subprocessors,” are identified below with their locations and the types of services they provide to Salto.

VendorCountryType of Service
Amazon Web Services, Inc.United StatesInfrastructure provider
Datadog Inc.United StatesInfrastructure and log monitoring
Auth0 (by Okta Inc.)United StatesAuthentication
Chargify LLC.United StatesBilling services
LaunchDarkly (Catamorphic Co.)United StatesFeature Flag management (by Twillio Inc.)United StatesAnalytics
Intercom Inc.United States, IrelandSupport ticketing and customer service
Retool, Inc.United StatesInternal service back-office
Mixpanel, Inc.United StatesAnalytics
Hotjar, Ltd.IrelandAnalytics
Vitally, Inc.United StatesCustomer Success