Salto-IDE is the tool through which you use Salto, therefore we've created this guide to walk you through what Salto-IDE can do for you, so you can make the most of it.

Examples of what you can do with Salto-IDE:

  • Connect your business applications with Salto, using Environment configurations
  • Understand and navigate your configuration, with syntax highlighting, Go to References, search and more
  • Change your configuration, using the NaCl editor and its features like autocomplete, element-level operations like cloning elements between envs and more
  • Run operations using the operations panel, like Salto fetch and deploy, Git pull and push, and more

The rest of this guide and its sub-pages walk through the UI and how to access all the IDE's features.

Features overview

Left to right:

  • Organization Navigator: includes org settings, e.g. envs and members, and all your workspaces
  • Workspace Navigator: includes workspace settings, searching for files and elements, creating files and folders
  • Editor: includes options for moving and cloning elements, viewing references among elements, NaCl autocomplete
  • Operations Panel: includes Salto fetch and deploy, Git pull and push and an operations log


  • Problems Panel: includes warnings and errors generated by Salto's validation engine


  • User Navigator: includes the current organization selector, GitHub integration settings, chat with our support, and more options coming soon

:information-source: Curious for more? visit this guide's subpages for more details.

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