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Does Salto fetch Salesforce profiles?


  • The Salesforce adapter's configuration has a default configuration of which metadata types not to fetch; see the element named metadataTypesSkippedList here
  • To manage profiles with Salto, find the adapter config file in your workspace, and remove the item Profile from the list of skipped types; then run fetch and Salto will start managing profiles

Does Salto support Salesforce CPQ configuration?


  • Salto fetches CPQ configuration as NaCl files, supporting the same flows as with Salesforce metadata
  • Salto prevents CPQ config duplication when moving between environments. The default configuration automatically generates a unique cross-env ID for each CPQ config element, while also allowing users to customize how each object's unique ID is created
  • See here an excerpt of the Salesforce adapter's configuration section dealing with CPQ

What is Salto's support for Salesforce flows and process builders?

The term flows refers to both flows and process builder instances from the Salesforce admin UI, since they are managed via the same Salesforce API.

The below limitations are due to API limitations:

  • Salto fetch can only read a flow's latest version
  • It's possible to deploy changes to the most recent flow version
    • Status can only be changed from draft to active, not the other way around
    • For active flows, the most recent version is updated in-place; when moving flows from draft to active a new version gets created, and that new version becomes the active one
  • Active flows cannot be deactivated
    • If you edit an active flow's NaCl, and change its state from active to draft, instead of deactivating it, a new version will be created in draft status, while the previous version will remain active
  • Flows cannot be deleted

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