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Operations Panel

Salto operations

The top of the operations panel controls Salto operations and has the following UI components:

  • The dropdown menu determines Salto's current environment, on which Salto operations run

  • Fetch includes a few modes in addition to its default behavior:

    • Fetch Align: fetches the current env's config while making sure to not modify any elements in Common Config. After such a fetch it's important to deploy, since it's this deploy operation that makes sure current env is aligned with what you have in Common Config
    • Fetch State Only: fetches the current env's state without updating NaCl files
    • Restore from last Fetch: fetches from the last seen env state rather than communicating with service APIs, and updates NaCls like a regular fetch
  • Deploy

All Salto operations have a preview step where you can review and approve before changes are applied to your workspace (upon fetch) or to your env (upon deploy)

  • Except for the first fetch of an env, which does not have a preview
  • To undo an env's first fetch, use Git's Clear flow

Salto-IDE helps prevent erroneous operations

  • Operations are not available as long as your workspace has validation errors
  • Operations are available yet discouraged as long as your workspace has validation warnings

Git operations

  • Log: the top-right button opens the Git log of the repository linked with your workspace; the modal includes:

    • The repo's commit history, where each commit has a link to its content on GitHub
    • If you have pending changes you'll have extra buttons:
      • Clear: removes any pending changes, resetting your workspace to its state after your last Git syncing operation like pull or push
      • Push: exactly like the push button on the operations panel, kicks off the push flow with a preview
  • Branches

    • The dropdown menu determines the current Git branch your workspace is on
    • The button to the right helps you create a new branch based on the current branch (make sure to switch to your desired base branch before creating a new branch)
  • Pull includes a few modes:

    • Pull (the default): syncs your workspace with the latest commits form GitHub
    • Merge: syncs commits from a different branch into the current branch; most useful when you need to sync someone else's work into yours before it's merged to main
  • Push

    • Opens the push preview view, allowing you to review pending changes and edit your commit message before syncing your changes to GitHub
    • The button is disabled when you have no pending changes

Operations log

  • Contains a list of all the operations done in the current workspace
  • Clicking on an operation leads to more info
    • Salto operations open a diff in Salto-IDE
    • Git operations behave differently based on their type
      • Operations where you're the author contain a specific link to GitHub to view their contents
      • Pull operations link to the commits that were pulled
      • Clear doesn't show content history, since this operation isn't persisted into your Git repository

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Operations Panel

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