Masked data will be deployed to the service

This pre-deploy warning appears when deploying an element with masked data.

What triggers this warning?

When your Salto Jira environment is configured to mask specific values, such as automation headers, Salto will replace these values to "<SECRET_TOKEN>" when fetching the environment.

The "Masked data will be deployed to the service" warning occurs when you try to deploy some Jira element with masked values. Deploying them will result in elements with missing values, which need to be fixed.

How can I solve this?

The element will be deployed with the specific value set to <SECRET_TOKEN>.

Immediately after deployment, you will have to go the Jira and change this value to the actual required value. For example, if you selected to mask an automation authorization header, you should go to that automation's page and re-set the password to the correct one.

Salto will also remind you to do so once the deployment finishes.