Note: Jira support is currently in Early Availability, available to select customers only. Contact us to enable Jira support in your Salto environment.

How do I connect Jira Cloud to my Salto console?

In order to connect Jira to Salto:

  1. Obtain an API Token from
  2. Add a Jira service to a Salto environment, by selecting the environment --> "Settings" --> "Add New Service".
  3. In service credentials, provide:
    1. Your Atlassian Base URL (e.g.
    2. The user email
    3. The token you created in step 1

What elements does Salto fetch from Jira?

  • Projects
  • Workflows
  • Custom fields
  • Screens
  • Boards
  • Dashboards
  • Permission Schemes
  • And more...

Connect your Jira environment to see all elements!

Can Salto write Jira configuration?

Not yet, but we're working on adding Jira deploy capabilities.

Known Limitations

  • Salto does not fetch workflow statuses which are only used in inactive workflows; attach your workflow to some workflow scheme to include its statuses in Salto's fetch

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