Git in Salto

Why Git

Git is an extremely popular version control system, for good reason, with a wide range of features and possible use case, providing values of clarity, efficiency and collaboration, from very small teams to thousands of people working on the same repository.

Since the core of Salto's vision is bringing software development best practices and tools to business application development, and Git is so central in the software development space, our focus on Git was to be expected.

Git's key benefits include:

  • Always-relevant documentation: using Git as your team's main source of documentation, easily accessing the context for any feature or change, making future changes less risky
  • Auditing: Git's automatic capture of the author and timestamp of every change makes it useful for auditing purposes
  • Peer review: popular Git solutions come with features for peer review, giving you the opportunity to read through changes, spot bugs, and build shared standards as a team
  • Debugging and reverting: Git helps you quickly find the change that introduced a certain bug, and to easily create a better version of your configuration to release and resolve the bug, either by fixing it or by reverting to an older bug-free version

What's next

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