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Git is a wonderful tool without a doubt. Nonetheless, it can also be complex, intimidating, and very experienced users still sometimes need to learn something new. Git clients, i.e. apps people use to interact with Git, tend to mirror some of the complexity inherent in Git, as they perhaps optimize for feature completeness and empowering those expert users.

Salto's approach to Git is simplicity. We've made a conscious choice to add less features and user flows. Our client is designed to help you accomplish your tasks as quickly and easily as possible. Our client is not designed to provide you with all the commands officially supported by Git.

Supported features

Use case

Salto features

Relevant Git commands


  • Connecting with Github
  • Setting your author email address


Starting or joining a project

  • Starting a workspace based on an existing repository


Creating and pushing changes

  • Status: showing by how many commits your copy is ahead or behind your hosted git repository
  • Auto-add: automatically staging all changes for the next push
  • Diff: a simple view of what's different between two versions of a file
  • Clear: resetting any changes that haven't been pushed yet
  • Branches: switching branches and creating new ones
  • Push: syncing your changes with your hosted git repository, including automatically creating a commit
  • Coming soon: breaking down pending changes into multiple pushes


Staying up-to-date with your team

  • Status: when working with others on the same branch, showing by how many commits your copy is behind, encouraging you to pull
  • Pull: syncing new changes (commits) from your hosted repository into your workspace
  • Merge: syncing changes between branches, most commonly between your feature branch and the main branch, and can be used to import changes from one feature branch to another



  • Log: showing a complete commit history, allowing you to choose a commit to revert to
  • Revert: taking your workspace back in time to a previous version saved in Git, commonly used as a means of finding the commit that introduced a bug, and often deploying the working commit before bugs were introduced



Need access to more Git features? You got it!

Salto was built with you in mind. To enjoy more advanced git commands, simply clone your repo, do your thing and push your changes, then back to Salto and pull.

Out of scope

While we plan to support more Git features, there are some things we are confident are out of scope for Salto's Git client in the foreseeable future, such as: hosting repositories and providing a pull request experience in Salto.

Since Git is a key component in the Salto vision, it was easy to decide to build a client as part of Salto-IDE. At the same time, there are aspects of providing Git that are complex, costly, and are outside of Salto's core focus of providing you with the best configuration management experience. Those things will remain out of scope, leaving Salto developers with more time to optimize your Salto experience.

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