Fetching a small change

Making a change and fetching it

In the part you will make a small change in the service you connected, then fetch it into Salto. This is a key flow of using Salto day-to-day, so expect to be repeating this one often!

  • Go to the admin UI of the service you connected to Salto earlier (e.g. to Salesforce's Setup screen, or to NetSuite's Setup Manager)
  • Make a simple change, e.g. create a new custom field, or edit the description of an existing field
  • Come back to your workspace and click Fetch
  • Wait for fetch to complete, as it might take a few minutes
  • See the Env Fetch preview, where you can see the changes before they are applied to your workspace
    • The editor's left panel shows the list of files that will be changed if you apply these changes. Try both Path and Tree views
    • Click Cancel and nothing in your workspace will change
    • Click Apply to apply these changes to your workspace
  • Click Apply, then Done


You've fetched your first change!

Noticed how readable the fetch preview was?

Pushing to Git

  • Click Push in the operations panel
  • In the Git Push preview click through the files that changed to explore the differences about to be pushed to Git
  • Add a message title and body relevant to what's changed
  • Click Push
  • Click Done
    • You can also click View on GitHub to see the change in your repository


You've pushed your first change to Git!

You're almost done. The next step is especially exciting - changing NaCls and deploying.

What’s Next
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