Fetching a change from Dev

Fetching from Dev

  • Make sure the current env dropdown is set to Dev in the operations panel
  • Make sure you're logged in to an account that's part of Dev
  • Follow the steps here to make a small change in the Dev account and fetch it

Moving the new config


Before we can deploy our change to Staging, we need the new config elements to be part of the complete NaCl config for Staging. This can be done by either moving elements to the Common Config folder, or by cloning those elements into the Staging's folder. In this guide we'll focus on the Common Config approach.

To learn more read How Multi-env works.

It's likely the change you want to move involves more than one element that was added or modified. For each element you'll need to:

  • Find its definition block
  • Right-click it and move it to Common

Finding elements to move

Salto-IDE currently supports two ways to search your entire workspace: by file name and by element. An easy way to find the element or file names to search for is to:

  • In the operations log, in the bottom-right corner of your workspace screen, look for your recent Env Fetch and click on it to open the summary view
  • Browse manually through the files in the summary to find the elements you care about
  • For each of these elements make a note of the element's name and the name of the file containing it

How to find an element's name (NaCl basics)


If you're already familiar with NaCl basics, you can skip this part.
Want to learn more about NaCl? Read here.

Assuming you made a small change like adding a custom field, the element definition block you're looking for should look like this:

salesforce.Number NumberofLocations__c {
  apiName = "Lead.NumberofLocations__c"
  label = "Number of Locations"

A breakdown of what each part means:

  • salesforce.Number is the type of the field
  • NumberofLocations__c is the Salto name of the field (in this case it's a copy of its Salesforce API name)
  • { and } start and end the metadata that completes the definition of an element, in our case of our custom field
  • apiName and label are examples of annotations, those metadata values that complete the element definition; their names vary depending on the element type, and their values vary greatly, as they are specific to this specific element

Moving elements to Common

For each element you'd like to move:

  • Search your workspace, by clicking the magnifying glass at the top of the file tree
    • If you search by file, you can then use control/command + F to text-search the element name, to quickly find the element in long files
  • On the element's definition block, right-click the element name and click Move Element to Common
  • Review the dialog, and click Move to complete moving the element


You're ready to deploy!

You've fetched your change, selected the elements to move forward from Dev to Staging, and you've moved all your selected elements to Common Config. These elements are now part of Staging's NaCl configuration, ready to be deployed.

Next up - Deploying the same change to Staging!

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