Salto was forbidden from accessing the resource

This fetch error appears when trying to fetch an environment, but user is forbidden by the business application from getting some type of data.

What triggers this error?

When fetching an environment, Salto sends API requests to the application to get all required elements.
To authenticate with the business application, Salto uses the credentials supplied by the environment creator.

The "Forbidden Access" fetch error occurs when Salto tries to get some element, but is forbidden by the business application from doing so (and the application returns a "403 Forbidden" error). This usually happens because the supplied credentials did not have sufficient permissions to access a specific data type, but can also happen when the business application has specific features disabled.

Salto can only get elements which are allowed for the supplied user credentials.

How can I solve this?

To avoid this error, make sure that the environment's credentials belong to a user which have permissions to access the missing elements.

You can either add permissions to the user in the business application itself, or change the Salto environment credentials to a user which have sufficient permissions to access all data. To change the credentials Salto uses, go to the Settings page in the relevant environment, then edit the Team Credentials.