Creating your first workspace


What's a workspace?

A workspace is folder containing Salto configuration files, including Salto settings and the NaCl files representing your business apps' configurations. Workspaces are accessed via Salto's Editor, with powerful NaCl editing features, and an operations panel for executing Salto and Git operations on your workspace content.

Once you click Create Workspace, you're required to choose between two methods to create your workspace:

  • Clone Git Repo - your workspace is connected to a specific Git repository. The repository should ideally be empty, or it may contain Salto configurations. This is the recommended option
    • The first time you choose Clone Git Repo you'll have to connect to Git. See the Git section for more info
  • Empty Workspace - your workspace is not connected to Git, and cannot be connected to Git later. You'll be able to execute Salto operations, but no Git options will be available to you

If you choose Clone Git Repo, the next step is to choose the repository to link your new workspace to

  • Notice the link to view more repos. In orgs with multiple Salto-compatible repos many repos might be collapsed, and only visible once you expand the view
  • Select your repo and click Link Repo to continue

In the final step:

  • Name your workspace, e.g. Test Workspace
  • Choose its icon, which will be added to the left-most navigation bar
  • Click Create to complete the process


You've created your first workspace!

Next we'll need to configure an env and connect it to one of your business apps, before we can fetch and see your NaCls for the first time!

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