Creating an organization


What's an organization?

Your organization (org for short) is the highest-level container of everything you and your team create with Salto: your permission settings, personal workspaces, environment configurations and more. Salto's billing is done per org.

You should land on the org creation page right after you've created your personal account and logged in.

  • Name your org, probably after your company or your team's name within the company (renaming orgs is a feature on our backlog). Click Create Org to continue
  • Next is the Invite Members screen, where we recommend you click Skip for now. The members management screen can be easily found later


Members and organizations

A Salto user can be a member of multiple organizations. Each user can only create a single organization, and may accept invitations to any number of organizations.


You've created your organization!

You should be inside Salto, with a big Create Workspace call to action.

What’s Next
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