Configuring your first environment


What's an environment?

A Salto environment (env for short) is a set of service connections (e.g. Salesforce, NetSuite). Each service connection links to a specific account or instance of that service (e.g. a specific sandbox account). Salto operations, like fetch or deploy, always run in the context of an env.

Learn more about envs here.

  • Go to your org settings by clicking the icon at the bottom-left corner of the Salto app, where you should land on the Environments tab, with the main button saying Create a new environment - click the button
  • Name your env, e.g. Dev if you're about to connect your personal sandbox, and click Next
  • Next click Add Service and a dialog will open to help you connect your first service:
    • Choose the service to connect, e.g. Salesforce
    • Choose the credentials protocol. Per-member Login is recommended
  • Next you'll get a credentials dialog specific to your chosen service
    • :lock: You'll need to provide sensitive login information. Salto has invested from day one in a dedicated secure storage solution for your secrets. Read more on our FAQ page.
  • Once you click Add Service Salto will authenticate your credentials. You'll be able to proceed if the credentials were valid, otherwise you'll need to try again
  • You should be back on the Add Services screen, with one service already added
  • Click Create to complete creating this env. Additional services can be added later


You've configured your first env

You are now ready to link your env to your workspace.

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