What is Salto

Salto is building a new approach to business application configuration, powered by code, version control and automation. Salto's solutions stem from deep roots in software development concepts and best practices, adapted and applied to business application configuration, standing on the shoulders of giants and decades of improvements in the software development space.

What do Salto users do?

  • Fetch business application configurations, saved as NaCl files
  • Explore their NaCls with structured searches and relationships between elements
  • Deploy changes to additional environments
  • Use Git for better auditing, documentation and collaboration



NaCl is a structured, declarative and human-readable configuration language, designed to describe and change business applications' configuration. Using such a language enables you to re-use elements relevant to several apps (like SKUs). You can search any and all config elements, enjoy Git and all its benefits, and much more. For the ultimate NaCl learning, visit All about NaCl.

Fetch and Deploy

Fetch is the automatic process of downloading your business applications' configurations as NaCl files, containing NaCl configuration elements. Deploy is the automatic process of delivering configuration elements in NaCl to your business applications. These smart and powerful operations are the foundation for the workflows you'll explore in these docs and beyond. To take a deeper dive, visit How Salto works.

Multi-env workspaces

A workspace is a folder containing Salto configuration files, including Salto settings and the NaCl files representing your business apps' configurations. Multi-env is Salto's unique approach, enabling you to manage all your environments - from personal developer accounts, to staging and production - in one place. This approach helps greatly with keeping environments similar to each other, easily understanding differences, and more. Curious for more? visit Multi-env workspaces.


Git is an extremely popular version control system, an indispensable tool for most software developers, and will soon be indispensable for you too. At Salto we are taking a fresh look at Git, aiming to simplify it further, to best fit your needs, saving you the trouble of having to study its more complex aspects. Nonetheless, we've made sure Git experts can use their pro skills with Salto as well. To learn more about our approach and solution, visit Git in Salto.


Salto-IDE is an in-browser application that helps you make the most of the power of NaCl. On top of the indispensable text search, Salto-IDE leverages NaCl's structure with elements-based search, "Find all References" and "Go to Definition" navigation, and context-aware autocomplete. Salto-IDE runs Salto's config validation engine, providing real-time feedback with a wide range of built-in warnings and errors. For a comprehensive read on Salto-IDE's features, visit Salto-IDE.

What's next

We highly recommend jumping right into hands-on learning with Getting started with Salto, followed by Getting started with Multi-env.

To get a better sense of how to put Salto into practice in your team, we recommend reading Environments, Multi-env workspaces, Git in Salto and Collaboration workflows, in this recommended order.

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